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 jav jav  15 de nov shampoo matico kawell

Pony suffering from chronic eczema summer , treated with antibiotics and steroids for the past two years, but at no time has previously managed the emergence of new fur.
We proceeded to wash the shampoo organic Kawell matico 3 times per day.  When the skin is dried, we use the spray of matico Kawell. For the pony last few minutes of applying these products wounds were covered with a clay with zinc to prevent the appearance of insects only , without its having any therapeutic application or interfere once consulted the specialists of our veterinary team in any way with both products.
The shampoo is very easy to apply and recall. It is abrasive , or epithelial tissue or deeper . We have observed that even the animal willingly accepts despite handling injuries when cleaning and rinsing . As for the spray we believe it is an amazing product for the annihilation of bacteria and infection prevention.
For the record, this study has been supervised in Malaga January 16, 2013 , by the technical team of the CYD Santa Maria Association and the director of Hostel , Concordia García Márquez .



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