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Kawell signing contract with Fantex in China.

May 2014.


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Our Company has recently participated in the fairs of animals in Cantone 2014. On this occasion, the signing of major contract with the company Fantex in China was also performed.                       




Launching Kawell in USA, Fourt Lauderdale, Florida.


herraduras de cobre kawell lanzamiento usa diciembre 2012 6

Our Company has made the facilities Launch in Fourt Lauderdale in Florida to the U.S. market. The photo shows Mr. Bryan J. Quinsey (AAPF), CEO Kawell Mr. Alan Krausz and Mr. Esco Buff  eterinarian Recognized





Launching Kawell in Alemania with Cemtec Manufacturer


Our Company has reached full agreement for a strategic alliance with a leading Manufacturer Cemtec on ​​innovation, who are the manufacturers of new models Horseshoes Kawell copper alloy and will be responsible for taking them directly to Europe and the Middle East. The official launch was held in the traditional Luwex Fair, Germany, October 2012.




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